Configure Stewardship Settings

We have set up some overall settings for you which can help control which opportunities do and do not get automatic stewardship records. Setting this carefully can help avoid unnecessary data storage use.

System Administrators should be able to find the Stewardship Settings tab in their overall tab list.

You must have a custom field on your contact record that marks whether a contact is living or deceased. Memorial Tributes can't be established for living contacts and Honor Tributes can't be established for deceased contacts. Since there is no standard Deceased field, you must have one on the contact record and select it here.

If you have a separate account record type for Organization vs Individuals, and you won't want stewardship records automatically created for organization gifts, you can select that record type here.

Likewise, you may have Opportunity record types that are not appropriate for stewardship records, such as earned income or membership, where you have other processes for maintaining your relationship with those donors. Select those record types here to save the unnecessary creation of records.

If you segment your gifts further by Type, you can select the appropriate types here to exclude.

When satisfied, click Save to save the settings. These can be edited at any time, but note that edits will only affect future records and not those already created. If you wish to delete stewardship records that were unnecessarily created, you will need to do so with a bulk API delete tool or manually.