Working with reversed allocations

Once a record has been reversed, it can be freely edited until it is posted again. However, there is special consideration if the Allocation/Primary Fund on a gift is edited. The reason for this is so an organization can retain a more accurate trail and better alignment with external systems.

Editing a record without touching allocations

If a reversed opportunity's change is on something that doesn't affect allocations, such as close date...

Then when the gift is reposted again, the existing allocations are duplicated exactly as is. That way there is a record of the reversal and reposting, even if there was no change.

Editing a reversed record's allocations

When you go to manage allocations in a reversed opportunity, you'll see that the previous allocations are indicated as reversed and can't be touched. The entire amount of the gift is available for allocation now.

You can add the corrected allocation.

It's the corrected allocation that is available for posting.

Once posted, there is a history of all reversed allocations as well as the allocation(s) that are counted on the opportunity.