How to export payments and mark them as posted automatically

Once you have established an Export Template, you can use our utility to automatically download an Excel file to use in reconciling with account and update all the Payments as Posted - which will make them locked to further editing which could throw your bookkeeping out of sync.

Select Export/Post Payments tab

Select Export/Post Payments tab
  1. Select an Export Template (you can't continue if there's no Export Template, so create one first)
  2. Formatted data will make clean dates - raw data will export date fields in complete date/time format. It is up to you and your Finance department which is the better format to select.
  3. Select the Report Folder and specific Report you previously created that contains the records eligible for posting.
  4. Select the action you'd like to perform after the records have been found and exported. You can Post to Opportunity if you are reconciling Pledges that have not collected any payments in a separate step from the payments against those pledges. For the most part, you'll want to post to payments to record received transactions.
  5. You can constrain the search to only payments that have already been paid (so you won't accidentally post a Pledge payment that is still pending, for example).

Note, the preview area will show the columns selected from the Export Template, not the report.

Select the payments you would like to post or you can click the box to select all visible payments. You can display more records if needed.

  1. Each row represents an allocation. So for records with multiple allocations per payment, when you select one the others are automatically selected.
  2. We update a field on payment to indicate the batch where the payment was posted. You can set a prefix here

Click to Export Records

Click to Export Records

An Excel file will download. Once complete, you will see a Post Records button. Click that to mark Payments as posted.

You will see a confirmation message when complete.

The Payment record will automatically be updated to show that the Payments & Opportunity have been posted.