Splitting payments between multiple funds

When allocating by payment, you can split a single payment between multiple funds, and you can also apply the same fund splits to other unpaid payments on the same opportunity.

Splitting payments between funds

To set the allocations for all payments that are part of a single opportunity, navigate to the Allocations related list on the parent opportunity or on a payment and click on the Manage Allocations Page.

The Manage Allocations page shows information about the opportunity, the currently selected payment, and a list of active funds. If you open the Manage Allocations page from the parent opportunity the first payment will be selected.

Any funds currently connected to the payment will already be checked in this list. Checking and unchecking the boxes next to the fund names will add them as allocations in the panel on the right. By default, the allocations will be split evenly, but you can manually edit the allocated amount (1) or allocate by precentage instead of amount (2) if you'd like.

Apply Allocations to all unpaid payments

At the bottom of the Manage Allocations page, you will see a button next to the save button that allows you to apply the allocation splits from the current payment to all other unpaid payments connected to the opportunity.

Once you have saved the new allocations to a single or multiple payments, you can see the updated allocation records in the Allocation related list on any payment and on the parent opportunity.