Splitting an opportunity between multiple funds

You can split an opportunity between multiple funds by using the Manage Allocations interface on the opportunity.

Open the Manage Allocations page

You can find the Manage Allocations button on the Allocations related list on the opportunity.

The Manage Allocations page shows information about the opportunity and a list of active funds. Any funds currently connected to the opportunity will already be checked in this list. Checking and unchecking the boxes next to the fund names will add them as allocations in the panel on the right. By default, the allocations will be split evenly, but you can manually edit the allocated amount (1) or allocate by precentage instead of amount (2) if you'd like.

Clicking Save at the bottom of the page commits any changes that you have made to allocations after checking to see that you have not overallocated the gift (3).

Allocations Updated on Save

If you return to the Allocations related list you should see the allocation records that match any changes that you made on the Manage Allocations page. If you chose to allocate by percentage, the allocated amount will be calculated automatically.