Entering a gift with a single allocation

The Fund Allocations Smartpack is designed so that you can enter gifts that are designated to a single fund without having to do any extra data entry. This is true whether you are allocating at the payment or at the opportunity level.

Populate Primary Fund on any gift

Select the correct fund for an individual gift in the Primary Fund field when creating a new opportunity. The opportunity (or child payment) will be allocated to that fund automatically when the opportunity is created.

Primary Fund is populated by Campaigns with Default Funds assigned

If you have set up a campaign to have a default fund, you can leave the primary fund field blank when creating a new opportunity. The opportunity's Primary Fund will be set based on the parent campaign. Of course, you can always manually enter a different fund to override the default by setting the Primary Fund field on the opportunity.

Primary Fund can be set by Organization default

If the new opportunity does not have a primary campaign, or the primary campaign doesn't have a default fund assigned, the opportunity's Primary Fund will be set to the default fund for your organization. You can, of course, set the Primary Fund directly when creating the opportunity record if you do not want to use the organization default.

For information on how to set the default fund for your entire organization, see the Post-Installation instructions.