Upgrading Fund Allocations from an earlier version

These instructions are for organizations upgrading to the most recent version of Fund Allocations from an older version. See elsewhere in this manual for full install and post-upgrade instructions.

Upgrading from Fund Allocations 1.x

These steps are only for organizations upgrading from a pre-2.0 version of the package

Check for orphaned Opportunity records

In versions of Fund Allocations prior to version 2, there was the possibility of accidentally creating Opportunity (Donation) records without an allocation. When upgrading, you should prepare a report to see if you have Opportunity records without Allocations.

Set up your report as shown above, which will find all Opportunity records that have an amount greater than 0 with a Primary Fund value and missing Donations (you can select "Cross Filter" from the Add drop down to get the final criteria)

If the report returns results, you should use a data utility to insert Allocation records before continuing with the upgrade. There may be cases where you do want to avoid creating allocations intentionally, but for most donation-type records you'll want the allocation created for you.

Check for orphaned Opportunity records

Double check settings and page layouts

After upgrading, you should check the package settings and page layouts. See the post-install instructions for details.