Creating an Export Template

It can be difficult or impossible to includes the fields from Opportunities, Payments, Allocations, Funds and Campaigns in a standard Salesforce report, but it is necessary to see some combination of these fields together in order to reconcile Salesforce data with your accounting system.

The Fund Allocations Smartpack makes use of custom Export Templates to generate custom csv files that have the appropriate combination of information. You can define which fields from these records are included by creating an Export Template record.

KELL Recommends that you create separate export templates for:

  • Posting Opportunities
  • Posting Payments
  • Reversing Opportunities
  • Reversing Payments

Create a new Export Template

There is a tab for Export Templates in the Fund Allocations package. Click the New button on that tab to create a new template. The only field that you will fill in is the template name.

Choose fields to include

You can choose to add any field on Account, Contact, Opportunity, Allocation, Fund or the Opportunity's Campaign to your export template and have complete control over the order of the fields in your template.