Introducing Fund Allocations v3.x (Lightning)

KELL has completed and published development of Fund Allocations v3.X. This is a significant release that leverages the Salesforce Lightning Experience, resolves prior issues and introduces several new features.


The AppExchange listing for Fund Allocations, found here, now lists v3.X for installation.

New Features

  • Lightning Ready – we’ve completely redesigned the application to adopt the Lightning design. Snazzy!
  • Fund Goals – Create multiple goals for specific funds which will be automatically tallied as allocations are made. Here’s how it works. Create a Fund Goal record and give it a name, e.g. “2018 Book Buyers Goal”, set the dates to start and end measurement and you’re done. Progress towards your goal will be automatically calculated and rollup summaries for total allocations (count), total amount allocated, amount paid, and donors (count) are automatically calculated.
  • Payment-based Allocations – When using NPSP Payments, you can now manage allocations at the individual payment level! This means that if you’re using Payments to track individual transactions towards an Opportunity commitment, you can now manage allocations at the Payment level.

New Documentation (Coming Soon)

Please be patient. We are working on overhauling our documentation to match the new features, new settings and new imagery. This will take some time. However, we did not want to you to have to wait for the documentation before accessing the new functionality.

In the interim, if you have questions, please post them in our KELL group on the Power of Us Hub  and we will do our best to respond quickly.