Emailing receipts

Your administrator can configure all or a subset of receipts to be emailed to donors automatically. You can also manually trigger the receipt PDF to be emailed for a single receipt record or for multiple receipt records via a list view.

Email receipts from receipt object list view

  1. Select the custom list view built to display the receipt records you want to email.
  2. Select the records you want to email receipts
  3. Select the email receipts button.

Email receipts from the individual record

Navigate to the receipt record and click the email receipt button.

After a receipt is sent, the "Email Sent" field on the receipt record will show as TRUE. If there was an issue sending the receipt, (i.e., the donor did not have an email address) then the "Receipt Error" field will display a message. An admin can build a custom report based on this field to monitor for receipts that produced an error.

Email templates

You can build custom Salesforce email templates to serve as the cover to your PDF receipt. You should build your template on the Receipt object, and can use any field from that object as a merge tag. For more information about building Salesforce email templates, see Salesforce help:


Your email template can be assigned on the Receipt Template Settings. Each of your Receipt Template Assignments can have a different template.