Voiding receipts

Receipts can be voided either by a user individually from the receipt record or en mass from a list view on the receipt object.  You can also generate a replacement receipt which will void the previous receipt and replace it with a new receipt number and receipt record.

The package will also automatically void a receipt if one of the following values on the gift record changes after a receipt has been generated: amount, stage, if the benefit value is changed thus changing the receiptable amount, or the receipt contact.

Receipt object

From the individual receipt record. Click void receipt.

When a receipt is voided the Receipted Status changes to Voided and the voided date on the receipt record is updated with the date the receipt was voided.

Receipts list view

1 - Create a list view of the receipts you want to void.

2 - Select the receipts to be voided

3 - Click Void Receipts

List view - voided receipts

The status of the receipts will be updated to Voided and the voided date will be recorded.

Generating a replacement receipt

A replacement receipt can be generated from the original gift record (Opportunity, Payment, Recurring Donation) or the receipt record.  When generating a replacement receipt it will void the previous valid receipt and replace it with a new receipt number.  The new receipt will have language indicating it is replacing the original receipt number.  Additionally when a replacement receipt is generated it is also issued based on the receipt settings, either emailed or put in the queue for printing.

On either the Receipt record or the original gift record you want to use the Generate New Replacement Receipt button.  This will generate a new receipt with language that indicates it is a replacement receipt.

Once a replacement receipt is generated when you refresh the gift record (Opportunity, Payment, Recurring Gift). The receipt acknowledgement field will be updated with the new receipt number and the receipt date is the date the replacement receipt was generated.

In the related list you will see a list of all receipts that have been issued on for the gift record and the status of each receipt along with the date the receipt was generated and voided.

Additionally when you look at the replacement reciept record it is marked as a replacement receipt (1) and linked back to the replacement receipt (2).