Set up

KELL will install and configure the package for your organization.  These are the custom fields and buttons on the opportunity object, as well there are 6 custom objects (receipts, receipt installments, receipt settings, receipt template settings, receipt template assignment, receipt template content) that are part of the package. The package can also be configured to work with the Payment object, depending on your organization's business needs. The custom fields and general layout remain the same.

The receipt settings and receipt template settings are both custom visual force pages that allow each organization to control how the package functions from unique receipt templates, receipt generation rules (manually or via a scheduled job), receipt delivery rules.  The receipt page holds all the information of a receipt once it is created, including an attachment of the receipt itself and a link to the receipt installment object.  The receipt installment object is a link between the receipt record and the transaction object (Opportunity, payment, recurring gift etc).


Opportunity Object

Opportunity list view buttons

Opportunity list view buttons

On the opportunity list view (or Payment list view depending on your organization's configuration), there is a button called "Generate Receipts". This button will allow you to select multiple receipts (up to 200 which is the view limit on a list view) and generate multiple receipts at once.

Opportunity/Giving Layout

The fields you will want to add to the opportunity (or Payment) page layout are:

  • Ready to Print - This field controls if a receipt can be generated or not. If all criteria are met the value will = Yes.
  • Receipted - When a gift is receipted this field's value will change to "Receipted".  If a receipt is voided then the status of this field will be updated to "Voided"
  • Receipt Date -  When a gift is receipted this field's value will be populated with the date of issue for the most recent valid receipt.
  • Last Receipt - This is the receipt serial number of the most recent receipt that was issued and is related to the gift.
  • Receiptable Amount - This is the receiptable amount a donor can claim on their tax return.  It is calculated the amount of the opportunity minus the benefit value.
  • Benefit Value - This amount is deducted from the opportunity amount to calculate the receiptable amount.  
  • Receipt Contact - This is the name of the contact that the receipt will be issued in.  
  • No Receipt - If a gift is not eligible for a receipt then the no receipt checkbox is marked as True and the ready to print field will indicate the opportunity is not eligible for a receipt.
  • Legacy Receipt Number - If a gift is receipted in an outside system by entering the receipt number in the legacy receipt number field. If this field is populated then the Ready to Print field will be not eligible for a receipt. If you needed to void a replace the legacy receipt number when you generate a replacement receipt via this tax package then the replacement receipt is indicate that the legacy receipt number has been voided and replaced by the new receipt number.
  • Tax Receipt Description - This field is used when you need to add a description that must appear on the receipt, for example, the description of an in-kind gift.
  • Appraiser Details -  This field is to capture the appraiser details when it is required for the gift.

The receipt installment related list is the junction object between opportunity and the receipt record.  

There are two button on the related list:

  1. Generate New Receipt - The receipt will be generated and issued (either emailed or ready to be manually printed) based on the settings configured on the receipt settings page.
  2. Generate New Replacement Receipt - The previous generated receipt will be voided and a replacement receipt will be generated and issued (either emailed or ready to be manually printed) based on the settings configured on the receipt settings page.

Receipt object

Receipt list view

Receipt list view

On the receipt list view there are buttons for printing, emailing and voiding receipts up to a maxium of 200 at a time.

  • Create PDF Batch - all selected receipts will be merged in to a single PDF file which can be downloaded and printed when convenient.
  • Email Receipts - all selected receipts will be emailed to the email address of the Receipt Contact
  • Void Receipts  - all selected receipts will be voided.

Receipt object

The receipt object hold all the information when a receipt is generated including a PDF of the receipt and if applicable the related replacement receipt.

Receipt logo and signature blocks

The current sample image sizes for the logo and signature blocks are the following however these are not fixed sizes. our KELL PM will work with you to ensure your logo and signatures are rendered appropriately. 

Receipt Logo: 100 x 100 px

Letter Sender Signature: 175 x 50 px

Receipt Sender Signature: 175 x 50 px

Navigate to Static Resources and click new

Static Resources

Name and upload the logo file and repeat for signature blocks.

Once you have saved the files to static resources you can select these for the template on the Receipt settings tab.