Receipt Settings

The Receipt Settings tab lets you set organization-wide settings that the tax-receipting package will adhere to. The receipt settings consist of five tabs:

  • Single Gift Receipting - This is the master setting for single gifts
  • Recurring Gift Receipting - This is the master setting for recurring gifts
  • Event Receipting - This is the master setting for Event ticket purchases
  • Receipt Numbers - This where you can set the receipt number stacks 
  • Receipt Template Content - This is where you set the contents of your various receipt templates that will are used to create the PDFs

Single gift receipt settings

The single gift receipting tab is where you set the controls for issuing of receipts for single gifts. This includes single opportunities with multiple payments (i.e., pledges). You can control how they are issued and distributed and set controls to ensure only appropriate records are eligible for a receipt.

Receipt Generation

  1. Select which object you want to issue receipts for based on the NPSP objects of Opportunity or Payment
  2. Select when you want receipts to issue: immediately upon opportunity/payment creation, on a regular basis or manually
  3. Select if and when you want the system to send the receipts via email. The options range from always to based on a specific field value to manaul
  4. If you selected to generate receipts on a on a regular basis, then you will want to set up a scheduled job for each scenario/data set. Detailed instructions follow.

Receipt Scheduled job

The scheduler only becomes visble if the Generate Receipts Setting = "automatically on a regular basis".

Schedule the job

1 - Give the job a name

2 - Choose the frequency

3 - Schedule the job

Select the data filter of the individual job.

Job data filters

The data filter can be based on Opportunity, Contact, Account or Campaign object.  Then select the field from that object, operator and value.

If required add additional data filter rows.  ***IMPORTANT NOTE - these data filters only support AND logic***

Click save.

Receiptable Donations

Receiptable opportunities - Single

Here you set the minimum recieptable amount. If reciepting on Opportunity you will also set the opportunity record type/ types that are eligible for a reciept. If you are reciepting on Payment you will set the payment record tyoe and payment method that are eligible for a reciept. The package will use these setting across you entire Salesforce instance to determine if a single gift is eligible for a receipt or not.

Recurring Gift Settings

Similar to Single Gift settings you start by selecting which object you are issuing receipts from. Then you can set when and how receipts are issued: 1) Automatically, on a regular basis or Manually. Additionally you can set what the minimum amount and opportunity record types will be receiptable to ensure no errors when issuing receipts.

When you select automatically on a regular basis the Receipting Scheduled Job section appears which will allow you to set data set rules to control when/how receipts are issued.

Receipt Numbers

You can have one or multiple receipt number stacks.  If you have more than one set of receipt numbers then you can determine which one is used through the Receipt Setting Template tab.

The package can store numbers from 1 up to 999,999,999,999,999,999.

Receipt Template Content

First, select if you want the package to Issue the receipt (i.e., create a receipt record in Salesforce) AND generate a PDF of the receipt. Most users keep this feature turn "ON." The primary reason you would turn PDF generation "OFF" is if your organization has a mail house that prints and sends out ALL of your receipts. If you have a hybrid approach (i.e., some receipts are printed in the office and others at a mail house) you should keep PDF generation turned "ON".

To customize the template contents including the acknowledgment letter, logo, signors etc. you can choose to view or clone an existing template or add a new template.

IMPORTANT - Every template must have a corresponding visual force page and the name of your receipt template must match exactly the name of the corresponding visual force page. Creating new Visualforce pages is a more technical task and covered in another chapter in this guide.

In this section, you can define the standard values for your receipt. Above is the admin interface and below is a sample receipt. Each section is numbered to show where the inputted value might appear on your receipt. Each organization's specific layout will differ depending on the styling of their Visualforce template.  


  1. Receipt Title
  2. Receipt Subtitle
  3. Receipt Logo
  4. Receipt sender name
  5. Receipt sender signature
  6. Replacement note
  7. Footers - There are fields available if you want both a left and right footer on the receipt. Also if you want to have two copies of the receipts you can have different details in the footer on the original receipt and the duplicate receipt,

Accompanying Letter

Accompany Letter is a free-form text field with the ability to add merge fields. The letter is currently limited to 1500 characters.

  1. Accompany Letter content
  2. Accompanying letter logo  - this is the logo that will appear at the top of the Acknowledgement letter
  3. Accompanying letter sender name - you can enter the signor's name and title
  4. Accompanying letter sender signature - this references the image of the accompanying letter signature.

Logo and signature images

These images are stored in the static resources. Uploading static resources in covered earlier in this setup article. Once you have uploaded the files to static resources simply select the file and save. 

Field Labels

This is where you can change the default field lables for the receipt to match how you want the labels to appear on your receipt for your organization. The field labels can be in English, French or a combination.

Date and Currency Settings

You can choose to have the date format in English - MMM dd, YYYY or French dd MMM, YYYY

Through the receipt template tab in the receipt settings, you can customize multiple receipt templates each with a unique Acknowledgment letter, receipt labels or different language.  The receipt template will accommodate French accents, characters, date and currency formats.