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Completing post-install setup Canadian Tax Receipting core package

These steps should be completed after installing the core package of the Canadian Tax Receipting SmartPack for the first time in your sandbox or production instance.

Configure Receipt Settings

Receipt Settings are controlled via the Receipt Settings tab in the Canadian Receipting app installed with the SmartPack package. For more details on how to configure these settings for your organization, see Configuring Receipt Settings . One of the primary decisions you will need to make when configuring the settings for your organization is which Salesforce object to treat as the receiptable object. The core package only has the Opportunity object pre-configured to be used as a receiptable object. To enable additional objects, you will need to install one or more extension packages or complete additional custom configuration.

Update Opportunity Page Layouts

You will only need to update your Opportunity page layouts if you have chosen the Opportunity as your organization's receiptable object.

For every page layout used by Opportunities that will have receipts associated with them, you should add the following fields included in the SmartPack:

  • Receipt Contact
  • CRA Eligible
  • Receiptable
  • Do Not Receipt
  • Last Receipt
  • Last Receipt Status
  • External Receipt Number

For page layouts used by Opportunities that will have an advantage or benefit amount, or that will require appraiser details or other information, you can also include the following fields:

  • Benefit Value
  • Appraiser Details
  • Tax Receipt Description

In addition to these fields, you should add the 'Generate Receipt' button to any page layout where you would like users to be able to manually generate a tax receipt for the opportunity.

Create Opportunity List Views and Reports

You will only need to create Opportunity list views and reports if you have chosen the Opportunity as your organization's receiptable object.

In order to generate receipts en mass, users will need to start from a list view that allows them to select multiple opportunities, or from a report that contains Opportunity Id as a column. These list views and reports will likely include the following fields from the SmartPack:

  • CRA Eligible and/or Receiptable
  • Has Receipt
  • Last Receipt Status

For more information on the CRA Eligible and Receiptable fields, see What does Receiptable mean? What about CRA Eligible?. The Has Receipt field is a checkbox formula that is true when the Opportunity record has an existing, valid receipt. Out of the box this field checks the Last Receipt linked to the Opportunity and the External Receipt Number.

If your users will be generating receipts from a list view, be sure to add the 'Generate Receipts' custom button to the list view.