Creating or editing a receipt template

Receipt Templates are generated using a combination of information on receipt records, template content defined by an administrator, and Visualforce pages. For a full overview see 'Receipt PDF Template Overview'

This guide describes how to create new template content and assign it to existing Visualforce pages. For help on creating a new Visualforce page, see 'Creating a new Visualforce receipt layout'

Select a Template to edit or create a new template

Navigate to the Receipt Template Settings tab. Under Receipt Template Content > Existing Receipt Templates, you can choose to edit an existing template, clone an existing template, or create a brand new template from scratch.

Receipt Template Content Editor

Once a receipt template is loaded for editing, you will see the Receipt Template Content section, where you can edit your template content. The editor has four sub-sections that you can use to adjust different portions of your template.

Template Text

The template text section contains static text that appears on your receipt. This section also contains a special, rich text field labeled Letter Text. In the Letter Text field, you can merge values from the receipt record into a longer message to your donors.

Merge fields must be surrounded by double brackets and contain the full API name of the field to merge. If the merge field is blank on the receipt the merge field will display as-is on the final receipt.


The images section contains logo and signature images that are included in your template. For each image, you can select from existing Static Resources that have been uploaded into your Salesforce instance.
New Static images should be sized between 175px to 200 px wide

Field Labels

Field labels are used throughout receipt templates. If you do not want to label a particular field in the receipt, simply leave the label value blank.

Misc Settings

Miscellaneous settings are where the template content is marked as Active and assigned to a specific Visualforce page. You can also choose to set date and currency formatting for the receipt. Any dates or currency fields merged from the receipt record will respect these date and currency formats.

Preview your template

To preview your template, click the View Preview button at the top of the Receipt Template Content page. This will open a new browser tab containing an example PDF that you can use to view how the template content that you defined looks on the assigned Visualforce page. Depending on your browser, you may view the PDF in the tab or it may download automatically.