Receipt PDF Template Overview

The Canadian Receipting SmartPack can generate PDFs for receipt records as they are created. These PDF files are attached to the receipt record as a File. The generated PDF file is created from three elements:

1. The values on the generated receipt (eg. Receiptable Amount, Issue Date)

2. Custom images and text labels defined by your administrators in Receipt Template Settings

3. Visualforce pages that determine the placement of the receipt values, images and labels on the page

An Example

In the example below, areas highlighted in green are values pulled from an example receipt record. Areas highlighted in purple are labels and images that are set within the SmartPack for this particular receipt template.

The underlying Visualforce page controls where these elements appear on the page (eg. the Visualforce page sets the logo in the upper left hand corner, but the logo image is set in the SmartPack template settings.

Visualforce Pages and Template Labels

Within the SmartPack, a single Visualforce page can be associated with multiple templates. Each template can have different labels, images, and acknowledgment text. When administrators are working with template assignment rules, they choose templates as defined in the receipting package. These chosen templates include their images, labels and associated Visualforce page.

For example, if your organization wants to use specific acknowledgment text for a specific fundraising campaign, your administrators would create a new template and adjust only the acknowledgment text on the new template. They could then set up template assignment rules to make sure that gifts associated with that fundraising campaign are assigned the template with specific acknowledgment text, but all other gifts receipt the standard template (with standard acknowledgment text).

As another example, your organization could use a single Visualforce page for all receipts, and vary the labels in order to generate both English-language and French-language receipts. Then your administrators can set up template assignment rules to determine which receipts should have English-language versus French-language receipt PDFs generated.