Generating receipts from a list view

You can generated receipts for multiple gifts at once by using List Views. In the example below, we will generate individual receipts for a group of opportunities.

Select gifts to receipt and click the Generate Receipts button

If you do not see the Generate Receipts button or cannot select multiple gift records from you list view, talk to your administrator to make sure that your user has appropriate permissions.

Use the Generate Receipt page to generate the receipts

The Generate Receipt page will display summary information about the number of gifts and the type of receipts to be generated. If you have selected a mixture of gifts that have not yet been receipted and gifts that already have a receipt, you will be asked if you would like to generate replacement receipts for the gifts that have already been receipted.

Once you have answered any required questions, click the Generate Receipt(s) button to begin the generation process.

Review the Generated Receipts

Once the receipts have been generated, you will see a link to view the receipts. That link will take you to a list view of the receipt object, which will default to the receipt records most recently viewed or created by your user. The newly generated receipts will be visible in this list.

You can edit this list view or pin another list view to make that your default. The Receipting Smartpack will always return you to your default list view on the Receipt object.