Generating a receipt from a single gift record

Locate a Receiptable gift

You can confirm the gift's eligibility on the record by checking the Receiptable formula field and reviewing the other relevant fields.

For more information on what makes a gift receiptable, please see What does Receiptable mean? What about CRA Eligible?

Click the Generate Receipt button

If you do not see this button on the gift, check with your administrator to make sure that it has been added to the page layout and that you have the relevant permission to the related Visualforce page.

Use the Generate Receipt page to generate the receipt

The Generate Receipt page will display summary information about the number of gifts and the type of receipts to be generated. Click the Generate Receipt(s) button to begin the generation process.

Review the Generated Receipt

Once the receipt has been created, you will see a link to View the receipt at the bottom of the page. You can click this link to review the receipt record, and you can return to the original gift receipt to confirm that it has been appropriately linked and updated as well.