What does Receiptable mean? What about CRA Eligible?

You will find the terms Receiptable and CRA Eligible throughout the help articles for the Receipting Smartpack. These terms are closely related and help you determine which gift records in your Salesforce system should have tax receipts issued for them.

CRA Eligible

Official donation tax receipts must be issued to the true donor of the gift, must contain the name and address of the donor, and cannot be issued until the registered charity receives the gift in question.

Because of this, objects that have been configured out of the box by the receipting package(s) all have a formula field labeled 'CRA Eligible'. This field checks that the gift has a non-zero amount that has been received, and that the donor listed on the gift has some value in the street portion of their address.


Registered charities have some flexibility regarding which gifts are issued official tax receipts. Some charities choose not to issue receipts for gifts under a certain dollar amount, and others use Record Types or Type on the gift to help differentiate gifts records (like merchadise purchases) that are not eligible for tax receipts.

Because of this, the receipting package allows administrators to set up criteria for exactly which gifts should be issued gift receipts in the Receipting Settings. These settings allow administrators to exclude gift records based on Type, Record Type or a Minimum Amount. Additionally, each object that has been configured out of the box by the receipting package(s) has a Do Not Receipt checkbox that can be manually checked as needed.

On each pre-configured object, there is a formula field labeled 'Receiptable'. This field checks that the gift meets the CRA Eligible requirements outlined above as well as the exclusion criteria set by administrators and has not been manually marked as Do Not Receipt.

The Receiptable checkbox should be used in reports and list views to generated a list of gifts that should be receipted. Additionally, the receipting functionality of the Smartpack checks this field and will only allow users to generate receipts for gifts that are Receiptable. Users can override the Receiptable status of a gift on a gift-by-gift basis, but only if the gift is CRA Eligible. For example, if a donor requests a tax receipt for a gift that is otherwise excluded by Record Type or Minimum Amount, a user can manually generate a receipt for that gift after confirming their intention to override the organization-defined criteria. The Receipting Smartpack will never generate a receipt for a gift that is not CRA Elgible.