Uploading Data Files to KELL

KELL uses a file sharing system called Egnyte. Egnyte provides a secure and encrypted solution to store files. The security measures include datacenter security, application resiliancy, encryption and much more. To learn more about Egnyte security, view this PDF.

KELL uses this system to capture backup files and other shared files from clients. The following are instructions for uploading your data files to our Egnyte folders.

Note: the file size limit is 25GB for a single upload. If your file exceeds 25GB and you are unable to split it up, please consult with your KELL Project Manager to discuss alternative data sharing options.

Step 1 - Your KELL representative will send you an email with a unique web address. It will look similar to this: https://kell.egnyte.com/ul/abcd12345. When you click on this link, you will see a page like this. Drag the file(s) to the page, or click to browse your computer. Submit a message and click Send.

IMPORTANT! Let us know when it's finished!

There is no automated notification to KELL staff that you've uploaded your file. Additionally, since some files may be large and take time to upload, we will not know if the upload completedly successfully until you notify us. Therefore, please let us know when the upload is complete.