How to use DocuSign

KELL uses DocuSign for all agreements.  This includes signing our Master Services Agreement (MSA) and signing our Statements of Work (SOW).  Often we're asked "can I get a PDF?" The answer is YES! This article will show you how.  Sometimes the person KELL has been working with to determine the right scope is not the person who needs to legally sign the KELL agreements.  In this event, it is easy for the recipient of an SOW to "change the signer"  to another staff person at the organization.  This article describes the steps needed to make this change.

Review the agreement

When you click the link from the email you will see a page similar to this one.

1) First you must consent to use electronic records.  This is not a KELL agreement, but a consent to use the e-signature services. You can then [Review the Document] and read the entire agreement.

2) If you need to change the signer to another individual, select "Other Options" on the right to select a different person to operate as the signer for this agreement. You can also change the signer after consenting to use the e-signature services.

Change the Signer

From Other Actions you can assign someone else the authority to sign this document.

Change the Signer Details

You can enter the name and email address of the new signer.

Review the Agreement

Now you can scroll to read or download as a PDF the entire agreement for review.

Download the Agreement

Signing the agreement

To sign, simply follow the prompts.  You'll be given an option to change the style of your signature (not important).  Once you choose "Confirm Signing" you're done.  The agreement will then be sent to KELL for counter-signature.

Choose Your Signature

Finish Signing

After you click FINISH, KELL will receive notification and be asked to counter-sign the agreement. Once the agreement has been successfully counter-signed (usually that same day) then a completed agreement is automatically delivered to the signer.

You're Done! But the Document is "In Process"


As soon as the agreement has been counter-signed you will receive a notification like this with the PDF of the agreement attached.