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How to create a new user for your KELL Partners Project Manager

We strongly recommend that you create a separate user in your Salesforce instance for your KELL Project Manager's use during the life of your project. This allows KELL to perform the work necessary without interfering in your own actions and will allow you to clearly differentiate the work that was done by KELL and any adjustments or new/edited records you might do yourself.

Create new Salesforce CRM User

Select Setup

Click on the Gear in the upper right corner.

Then select Setup

Manage Users

Manage Users

Type Users in the quick search box, and then select Users under Manage Users. It will either be under the Administer menu or Administration Setup depending on the setup interface your instance is set for.

Create New User

Create New User
  1. First, select Salesforce as the User License. If you do not see Salesforce as an option, that means that you do not have any available licenses. If this is the case, please let your project manager know and he/she can discuss with you appropriate next steps.
  2. Select System Administrator as the Profile. This will only be an option once you have selected a Salesforce User License.
  3. Set the last name as KELL Partners. You can leave the first name blank.
  4. Alias should be KELL
  5. Set the email address to [email protected]
  6. This is important: The username should not be the same as the email address even though it will fill in that way automatically. Change it to be [email protected]{} as if it were an email for someone on your staff. You do not need to create a valid email address for this. A username just has to look like an email address, it doesn't have to be a valid one. A username has to be unique across all of Salesforce and as we log in to many accounts, we need a username for our project with you that is unique to your organization.
  7. Set the Nickname to KELL Partners but this is not an important setting.
  8. Check Marketing User
  9. Click Save.

Create new Marketing Cloud User

To set up the KELL user, please log into Marketing Cloud with the information given to you by Salesforce. You will need to have administrator rights to do this.

1. In the top right, click your username and under that, click Setup.

2. On the left, under Administration, select Users.

3. Click Create and fill in per the table below:

Name KELL Partners
Reply Email Address [email protected]
Notification Email Address [email protected] 
Temporary Password [email protected]
Verify Password [email protected]

4. Once the user has been created, on the Users page, select the checkbox next to the KELL user

5. Select Manage Roles

6. Click Edit Roles, and then be sure to check BOTH Administrator and Marketing Cloud Administrator

7. Save the record.