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How to accept a Smartsheet invitation and set up an account

Email invitation

When your Project Manager invites you to Smartsheet, you'll get an email like this. Click the link to be taken to Smartsheet and set up your account.

You might just get a link to a smartsheet directly, such as - when you click on it, you'll see this. If you know you've never used Smartsheet before, click the link to Sign up.

Be sure to enter the exact same email that your Project Manager communicates with you. That will make sure you have access to the link after your account is set up.

Set a password

Create a password that is unique to you. It is not connected to Salesforce and does not need to be the same password you use or plan to use for Salesforce.

The Smartsheet interface

You'll be greeted with a video to learn more about the features of Smartsheet. Go ahead and watch it. :-)

Personalize Smartsheet

Click the black box to add your name and set your preferences.

The Workspace

In the Workspaces section, you can see the workspace you were invited to. During the free trial period, you have the ability to create additional sheets for yourself. However, you will lose access to those sheets once your free trial expires. When the trial expires you will not lose access to sheets that are shared with you that you did not create. So only create new sheets if you like Smartsheet and plan to continue with your own paid account outside of your work with KELL Partners.