How to add a new object to the tab bar

Before you can work with an object in Apsona, you have to add it to the tab bar. Here's how to do that.

Launch Apsona and from the Setttings menu, select Configurations

If this is your first time needing to edit the tab bar, the only configuration listed on the left hand side might be the default one. You will have to clone this to edit it. Click on it.

Click Clone

Select the profile for the user that will see the new item, most likely the System Administrator.

Drag the object from the left side to the right. Visible object means that it can either appear in the tab bar or as an object to select while filtering. Not every visible object has to be on the search bar or should be. When ready, click Next.

If you're editing a System Administrator profile, you don't have to worry about field level security and can just click Next.

Now here's where you decide what's on the tab bar. Drag the object(s) you want to the used object side. When done, click Save.

Finally, refresh the Apsona Cache to reload the page and you will see the new item on the menu bar.