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A donor says their credit card was declined - what do I do?

No organization wants anyone to have any difficulty with their donation website. A donor might call or email and say they tried to donate and the website denied their transaction. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to figure out what happened and get the donor to complete their gift.

See if the credit card was denied by the bank

Even if a donor gets an error message that their transaction was declined, that might not mean that the card is bad. First rule out that there was indeed an error with the card.

Select the Click & Pledge app in Salesforce and then select C&P Transactions

Filter view for Declined Transactions

You will see a list of all Declined Transactions and can click and see further details.

If you see the transaction in Salesforce and it's marked as declined, then the credit card was transmitted to the bank and denied. The donor must call their credit card company and figure out what happened. It's a problem with the card itself.

If there is no declined transaction in Salesforce, check to see if it's in the C&P Portal

Log in to the C&P Portal at

The credentials for the Portal are NOT the same as Salesforce. If you don't know the login, you'll need to check with the person who first set up your Click & Pledge account at your organization.

Once logged in, select Account Info.

If there is no declined transaction in Salesforce, check to see if it's in the C&P Portal


Click Build a New Report tab

You can build a custom report by selecting the fields you want to see.

Then run the report.

You can filter for what you want to show, or select pre-configured System Reports

After submitting, you can Export your results and review in Excel.

I can't find the transaction in Salesforce or in the C&P Portal

Every transaction that left the donor's browser ends up in the C&P Portal and then on to Salesforce. If the transaction is not there, then it was rejected earlier.

The most common reason for this is Click & Pledge's very sensitive fraud detection algorithm. If for whatever reason Click & Pledge detects a pattern that indicates that the transaction might be fraudulent, it will prevent it from completing to the Portal and Salesforce. There will be no record of these attempts in Salesforce, as a fraud attack can send thousands of transactions in a few minutes, causing errors in Salesforce.

You can disable the Fraud Protection and/or whitelist or block IPs by following the directions here:

If you can't find the transaction in Salesforce, and you are sure that your donor is entering everything correctly you can contact Click & Pledge support and they can help you figure out if the donor has been blocked and help you resolve the issue.

Open a ticket with Click & Pledge support here:

Unfortunately, KELL Partners does not have access to the same back end databases that Click & Pledge does. Therefore, if the transaction is not in Salesforce or the Click & Pledge portal and other donors are able to complete transactions on your page successfully, you must open a ticket with Click & Pledge to resolve.