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How to set the Contact Record Type in Click & Pledge

When Click & Pledge creates or updates a contact, you have the ability to set the record type that is set on that contact depending on the form used or for all contacts. This only applies to Click & Pledge-touched records. Other contact records won't be affected.

Click on the App Selector and choose Click & Pledge Payment-as-a-Service

Click on the C&P Settings tab

Choose the Contact & Account sub-tab within the window

if you want all of your Contacts to be the same record type, click the arrow next to Condition and select Any WID (the WID is the unique identifier that Click & Pledge uses for each donation form).

Click the arrow next to Record Type and choose the Record Type you want to use. The available choices will be dependent on the Contact Record Types you have in your specific instance.

Click Update Record Type Settings to save your changes