Click & Pledge Support and Information Channels

C&P Daily Open Office Hours

Live Support Session - Q&A with a support engineer.

Click and Pledge holds an open daily webinar that anyone can join and speak to support.  Runs Daily at 3pm EST

You can find the link to the daily meeting at the bottom of the page here:

Online Manual This tends to be a bit more technical and is focused on the administrative configuration of Click & Pledge.

Online Manual

End User Help Forum The articles here are a bit more user friendly and are a good place to start. It's also where you would go to open a support ticket directly with Click & Pledge.

Click & Pledge Support Forum Here's where you can post a public question and get an answer, often faster than if you email support.

Click & Pledge group on Power of Us Hub Click & Pledge staff routinely monitor this group for questions and feedback about their products. This is also where they typically announce new releases first.

Click & Pledge group on Power of Us Hub