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How to schedule a report to be emailed regularly to users

Salesforce has a handy feature which allows you to schedule a report (or dashboard) to be emailed on a regular basis you define. The email will appear to be from the person who schedules the report and will include the report data as well as a link to go to directly to Salesforce for the report.


  • The report can only be emailed to Salesforce users
  • The report may contain data that the user can't see if they click through - it is emailed as if it's coming from one user, and that user may have access to more records/objects than the user receiving the email

Run the report you'd like to schedule

Click the triangle next to Run Report and select Schedule Future Runs...

Run the report you'd like to schedule

Scheduling the Report

Select the user that the report should run as. By default, it will be your user so everyone will see in their email the same data you are seeing in this report, even if they wouldn't see the same information if they ran the report for themselves.

Then click who should receive the report via email. Select To me and/or others... to select other users.

Scheduling the Report

You can select to pick users based on their Role or individually.

Select the user (or role) on the left and then the Add triangle to select them.

Select the frequency you'd like the report to be emailed.

Set an end date in the future and pick a preferred start time.

Click Save Report Schedule.

Managing Scheduled Reports

A scheduled report will show a check in the Report tab list view.

Managing Scheduled Reports