Emailing contacts in and out of Salesforce

If you want to send an email to a constituent or log an email that a constituent sent to your organization, you have 2 choices. You can either send the email from directly within Salesforce or you can use your email application (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, iPhone, etc.) to copy an email to a Salesforce record.

This tutorial is an overview of the features, for more please see Salesforce help:

Send an email directly from within Salesforce

On most records, you can scroll to the Activity History and click Send an Email to communicate directly with a contact.

Send an email directly from within Salesforce

From here, you can select the contact and fill in as if you were sending an email from any other application. You can select a template that you have saved in Salesforce as well. When ready, you can click Send...

The email will then be saved on the record's activity history with Email: in front of the subject line.

The body of the task contains the actual email content.

Sending email to Salesforce from any email client

First, you have to make sure Email to Salesforce is active for your organization. In setup, search for Email to Salesforce and then click on Active and Save.

Sending email to Salesforce from any email client

My Email to Salesforce

Now, each individual user can send email to a Salesforce record and that email will be saved on the record exactly as if they had sent it directly within Salesforce.

To configure, search My Email to Salesforce in Setup in the old Setup interface, or the user can find these settings in My Settings (also search for My Email to Salesforce).

Each user has a unique email address assigned. Administrators can't set this or copy this. Each user must find their own unique Email to Salesforce address and copy it to their contact list in their own email program as they would any other contact's email address.

In the My Acceptable Email Addresses section, by default it will show the email address on the user record. If you send email from multiple addresses that you would want to attach to Salesforce records, add them here. Emails sent from unrecognized email addresses will be ignored.

Select the options that make the most sense for your organization. If you also have a contact record for yourself in Salesforce, you'll want to add your own domain to the exclusion list so you're not making activity records on your own record.

When you send an email and you want the email message to be attached to a record, simply BCC the special address.

If you have an email that you've already received, you can forward it to this address as well.

It will automatically attach to the contacts, but if you want to attach it to a specific record, edit the subject or body to include (ref:{15 digit Salesforce ID}).

My Unresolved Items

If the email can't be reconciled with a contact record, it will be stored in the Unresolved Items section which you can access from your Home tab.

My Unresolved Items

Then you can decide where to attach the record.