How to schedule a weekly backup of your data

This is probably the most important step you can take as a Salesforce Administrator. The Weekly backup service will send you an email that contains a link to the Data Export section of Salesforce, giving you an opportunity to download the data to a local hard drive.

We strongly recommend that you save that file to a location that's backed up regularly, such as a network server or Dropbox.

Schedule the weekly backup

In Setup, navigate to Data Export item under Data Management.

Schedule the weekly backup

If there are no scheduled exports, it will look like this. Click Schedule Export. You can also click Export Now for a one-time backup. It will take a while depending on how much data you have in your instance. The process is essentially the same. Export Now just doesn't have the scheduler.

Leave the file encoding at the default and select whether you want to download images and chatter-related items. It's recommended to download them but it will take longer if you do.

Select when you want your backup to happen. Typical wisdom is do things in the middle of the night. Don't do that. Schedule your backup to happen when you are most likely to be sitting at your desk when the email arrives. Remember, you only have 48 hours to click the link so you'll have the best chance of not forgetting if it happens during the business day. You shouldn't have any slowdown of your instance while the data is being downloaded for backup.

Pick an end time that's far out in the future.

You can select which objects to download, but most should select Include all data. This is the data objects available at the time of the scheduling. So if you add additional objects, you will need to reset the data export to make sure you're backing up the new objects.

When done, you'll see this. Now you wait for your download to start and complete.

When complete, you will receive an email.

Click the download link and save the file locally. It will be a .zip file containing individual .csv files, one for each object. If you have a lot of data, there may be multiple files.

The backup folder will look something like this, varying depending on the objects in your instance and whether or not you also downloaded attachments and documents.

How to cancel the scheduled export

If you need to cancel the weekly backup for any reason, you can do that from the Scheduled Jobs link in Setup.

How to cancel the scheduled export

Find the scheduled job named Data Export and click the Del link to the left of the name. Don't worry, you won't be deleting the backup or any data. It's just the scheduling.