Introduction to the KELL360 Workbook

The KELL360 Requirements Workbook is built into your new KELL360 instance. You and your project manager will use the workbook to record your requirements for each module and to track the progress of configuration. You will sign off on your final requirements and on the final configuration in the workbook as you go through the project.

You should see a tab named 'KELL360 Workbook' when you are logged into Salesforce. Clicking on that tab will open up the workbook.

Home Page

The workbook home page shows a summary of your progress through the modules of your KELL360 implementation. Each module's icon will change colors as you progress through entering in your requirements, finalizing the requirements with your project manager, reviewing the configuration, and signing off on each module.

Depending on your specific implementation, you may not see all eight modules listed on your workbook home page. For example, if you decided to use a different email marketing tool, you will not use the Email Marketing module of the workbook.

Wherever you navigate within the workbook, you can always click on the book icon in the header to return to the home page.


If you open up the workbook and see the following message, please contact your project manager. They need to generate the workbook before you can start on the project.

Module Page

Clicking on a module on the home page or from the navigation menu on the left will open up the page for a single module. The module page will have some explanation and possibly a link to additional documentation that will help you answer the questions in the module. You will also be able to see each topic and the status of each topic. Finally, you will be able to take certain actions (like submitting your requirements or approving configuration) for all topics within a module, depending on what stage of the project you are in.

Topic Page - Entering requirements

When you are entering requirements for a topic, you will see multiple choice questions, places to upload supporting documents, and notes fields on the topic page. You can save your answers and come back to them later, or submit your answers by using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

You can use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate to other topics within the same module.

Topic Page - During configuration

During the configuration stages, you will be able to see notes from your project manager, the formal summary of configuration done related to your requirements. You can also see a summary of the discovery questions and your answers to the questions at the bottom of the page.

Topic Page - Signing off on configuration

Once configuration for a particular topic is complete, you can review the configuration summary and your original answers on the topic page before using the button at the top of the page to sign off. Once you have signed off on a topic, you can always return to the topic page to review the configuration summary and your original answers to the discovery questions for the topic.