KELL360 Resource Center GlossaryAuto-Soft Crediting Household Members for Third Party Giving

Auto-Soft Crediting Household Members for Third Party Giving

The Non-Profit Success Pack comes with the ability to designate Opportunity Contact Roles that will automatically receive soft credit when a gift is given by a Household member.  So for example, in the Smith Household, made up of Susan and Michael, Susan can be automatically soft credited for all of Michael's gifts.

You can find more details on the NPSP functionality here.

But what about when Michael's employer Starbucks makes a gift, and Michael is soft-credited as the influencer of that gift?  In NPSP, Susan won't automatically receive a soft credit since the gift wasn't from her Household member.  However in KELL360, all entered soft credits will automatically create soft credits for the Household members.  In this scenario, Susan would automatically get soft credited when Michael gets soft credit.

Note that the soft credits happen via the auto-creation of an Opportunity Contact Role record for the Household member, and that auto-creation can take a couple of hours.