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Click & Pledge Events

Official Documentation / User Guide

The Click and Pledge Events user guide and manual can be found here

Box Office

Box Office

The Box Office is a tab on the C&P Event Management interface that lets the Salesforce user manually purchase tickets, including ticket levels that have been marked Box Office Only (like comp or VIP tickets)   The Box office allows for contact lookups which makes it easy to populate the registration information for people already in the system.  You can also set the box office to allow different payment types (such as custom payment types [eg cash])


The Registrant is the person who is completing the checkout process and is the cardholder, they do not have to be an attendee.  if the event is in 'Anonymous' mode then each of the attendee records for the purchased tickets will have this same name.


Attendees are event ticket holders,  they are grouped together by the Registrant that performed the checkout.

Event Type (sometimes referred to as Event Attendee Mode)

Event Type (sometimes referred to as Event Attendee Mode)

Event Temporary Contacts

Just like donations, events creates C&P Temporary contacts to be used for matching and preventing duplicates.  Each Attendee and Registrant will create a Temporary Contact if they do not match a Contact in the system based on your matching criteria (C&P Settings -> Contact and Accounts).

SKU / Ticket information

SKU / Ticket information

Each Ticket Level of an event has it's own SKU, which we can use for mapping field updates to the Contact, Account or Opportunity.  On the Ticket Level detail page you can also specify the Salesforce campaign that the attendee contact will become a member of.    

The Attendee Designation lets you specify the role on the popup where the user enteres the attendee information.  This is useful when you have ticket levels that have multiple

Registration Site

It is possible to have multiple views to an event that only show a subset of the available ticket levels. Each registration site lets you select which ticket levels that you wish to display. So you could for example have a registration site that only displays the available Sponsorship levels.  

Each registration site can also have a different Event Template assigned to it so each site looks different.

Event Template

Event templates are the HTML designs that determine what is displayed on the registration page.  They have their own editor inside of the event interface and can contain multiple event specific merge fields and embed any custom Widgets.   The resulting design is stored as a record in the C&P Designer interface.


Widgets are reusable HTML snippets that can be placed into Event Templates, they also allow you to embed html and javascript into the page header.  Useful for embedding tracking and analytics javascript snippets.