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Click & Pledge Donations

Click & Pledge is a third party tool that gathers and processes online credit card donations and records them in Salesforce. 



Payments-as-a-Service  - this is the Salesforce App that contains Click and Pledge's tabs


Forms-as-a-Service  -  This is the API that lets you process donations from a basic HTML form that posts information to Click and Pledge.

C&P Data

C&P Data

The raw transaction information that is pushed in from Click and Pledge to Salesforce is stored in this custom object.  It contains an XML definition of everything included in the transaction.  If the system has any problems when creating temp contacts, transactions, opportunities etc the Data record will have an error in the status field.  If there is an error you can correct what is indicated in the error field and then press the re-post button.

C&P Transaction

The Click and Pledge Transaction is the object that details all the information about a credit card transaction.  It is a 1-1 relationship with a C&P Data entry.  It can be tied to multiple Opportunities and have multiple Click & Pledge Custom Questions associated.

Transaction Item

All C&P Transactions have at least one item.  It is not a separate object, but it is the collection of information in the C&P Data that is used to create an opportunity, including the SKU.  For events, each ticket is a separate Transaction Item. Payments made through simple donation forms will have just one item per Transaction.


SKU is an identifier that can be added to Items (a donation, event tickets, or any other payment that gets processed by C&P). Think of it as the barcode for the thing that was transacted. With a SKU you can set many things:

  • Opportunity Record Type
  • Opportunity Campaign
  • Custom Mapping - set any field on Contact, Account or Opportunity (for example Primary Fund)
  • Fire an Autoresponder



Autoresponders are the collection of parameters and rules that are used for sending thank you emails (and SMS) as a result of an Opportunity being created based off of a C&P Transaction. An Autoresponder takes a C&P Design and populates it with information from the transaction and sends it. If no opportunity is created for a Transaction then the Autoresponders do NOT fire.

C&P Designer

The custom object that is used to hold email and site templates. Primarily the designer is used to create email templates that get sent by Autoresponders. It is also where C&P Events stores site designs and templates.

C&P Settings

C&P Settings

The Settings tab is where the C&P configuration is set up.  It includes the following sections

  • C&P Account -  Shows all your C&P accounts and their integration user and status
  • Contacts & Accounts - Set the Match mode and fields used to control Temporary Contacts and field mapping
  • Opportunities - The settings that determine, when to create an Opportunity, its stage, record type and campaign.
  • Virtual Terminal - Customize the default settings of the virtual terminal
  • Custom Mappings - allows you to map information onto Contact, Account and Opportunity based on either the SKU or a Custom Question
  • Swiper1 - enable / disable Swiper1 access for your account
  • SMTP - if you want to use your own mailserver to send autoresponders you can configure it here.
  • Autoresponder - define the rules to send Transaction Item emails.
  • Analytics - enable analytics for C&P Connect campaigns here
  • Countries & States - Enable State and Country picklist mapping to match Salesforce mappings (generally not needed)
  • Notifications - Set up and manage alerts or emails about new Temporary Contacts
  • Connections - Third party integrations (Twilio, Double the Donation etc)
  • Maintenance - Enable auto healing and easily remove any transaction by entering its Order Number
  • About C&P Apps - easy place to check for new versions of the Click and Pledge Salesforce apps and upgrade them

Order Number

A transaction ID which is usually in a format similar to 1603151526194661111. This can be found on the C&P Data, C&P Transaction, and associated Opportunities.


The app for iOS and Android that allows mobile transactions through Click and Pledge

Custom Question

Additional pieces of data that can be collect beyond the standard form questions. These can be set up on donation forms, connect campaigns, virtual terminal or events. They can then be mapped to fields on the Contact, Account or Opportunity.

C&P Connect

The social fundraising component of Click and Pledge.  It's free and comes with your account, you can log into it here by clicking the Organization Login at the top.  It is also where you can see raw transaction information and more.  It is gradually replacing the C&P Portal as the place to manage the integration and your account.

C&P Portal

C&P Portal

The C&P portal is where you can manage your account and the integration to Salesforce.

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal is used to process credit card transactions from within Salesforce.