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Funds and Allocations

Functionality to allocate incoming revenue to different GL codes or funds within your Salesforce system is controlled by the Funds & Allocations smartpack, developed by KELL Partners. This smartpack comes pre-installed in your KELL360 instance, and is configured as part of your KELL360 implementation.

Basic Features

The Funds & Allocations smartpack enables you to create records of your organization's funds within Salesforce and then allocate incoming revenue to those funds. You can then accurately reconcile your donor database with your financial records.

The Funds & Allocations smartpack includes the following features. You can read more about each feature in the public documentation here.

  • Setting a global default fund
  • Setting a default fund by Salesforce campaign
  • Manually splitting a gift between multiple funds and overriding defaults
  • Displaying the primary fund on the opportunity/gift record for easy reporting
  • GL Export Utility with customizable export templates
  • Confirmation of payment posting and granular control of edits to posted gifts and payments
  • Allocation reversals

Additional Resources

The public documentation for the Funds & Allocations smartpack includes step by step instructions for the following: