Email and Phone

It is possible to track multiple email and phone fields in KELL360. Preferred Email and Preferred Phone fields  allow for an indication of which email and phone the constituent uses the most. 


On the Contact object, there are fields to track Personal Email, Work Email, Alternate Email, Assistant Email, and Other Email.  While these can prove useful, having multiple emails can also cause confusion as to which email should be used. Using the Preferred Email field indicates which of the previously mentioned email fields should be used as the first choice. 

Additionally, Salesforce has a Standard Email field. This field is where email applications/integrations pull data from when sending emails to your contacts. NPSP has automation built in that updates the Standard Email field with the correct email address when the Preferred Email Type is updated. 

For example: This contact has a personal email address and has indicated to us that this is their preferred email. By setting the Preferred Email field to personal, automation updates the standard Email field with the Personal Email address. 



Like Emails, there are also multiple fields that can be used to track phone numbers for your contacts. These include Home Phone, Mobile, Work, Other, and Assistant and have the same automation tied to them that updates the standard Salesforce Phone field when the Preferred phone is indicated.