Project Plan - What to Expect

Steps of a KELL360 Implementation Project

You've signed the contract, now what?

  • KELL will introduce you to your Project Manager and get you started on your “homework”.
  • Your workbook will guide you through a series of questions that your Project Manager will use to configure your KELL360 instance.
  • You’ll gain access to a specialized KELL360 Training Portal full of step-by-step tutorials and demo videos to get you familiar with the system and teach you how to use it.
  • Project Kick Off - This is your first call with your Project Manager. You will review your workbook and get an introductory tour of your very own KELL360 instance, as well as confirm your project timeline.

Project Phases

Discovery and Implementation Phase

This phase lasts four to six weeks, during which you’ll be meeting with your Project Manager at least once a week to deep dive into each section of your workbook and answer questions about your data structure, if you’re migrating data. We’ll be working through the following modules:

  • Contacts, Households, and Organizations
  • Campaigns and Appeals
  • Opportunities and Donations
  • Online Donations and Forms
  • Acknowledgments and Mail Merge
  • Email Marketing

You will be assigned a module of questions to complete and your Project Manager will meet with you to review and then will configure the system to match your needs. After completing one module, you will move onto the next module and the process will continue until all appropriate modules are complete. You will be asked to sign off after each module is completed. This phase concludes when your workbook is complete and you’ve signed off on them as final.

KELL360 Launch

The KELL360 portion of the implementation is complete. Any additional scope will be implemented after KELL360 Launch.

  • Your Project Manager tweaks the configuration of your KELL360 instance to meet the criteria you defined in your workbook.
  • This phase concludes with a walk through of your system, and you signing off that the configuration meets the requirements you had previously signed off on.
  • KELL360 configuration and training will be complete.

Custom Scope Discovery

If you purchased additional customizations such as Volunteer, Membership, or a Data Migration, you will have additional Discovery sessions to cover those topics. The length of this phase is dependent on how many hours were purchased and are required to complete the custom implementations.

  • You will work with your Project Manager to define requirements for custom implementation.
  • Data mapping will take place in this phase and will be a time consuming portion of the project for the client.

Custom Scope Execution

  • The KELL Partners team will work on migrating the data, configuring the system, and completing the custom requirements.
  • After data migration, you will work with KELL on validating the data.
  • Additional training, as needed will take place at this time.


  • Your big day has arrive, Go-Live!
  • KELL will monitor the system with you to ensure that Go-Live is a smooth transition.